Dialogue of African Partners: Book Programs in the New Century


Miklin Hotel, Accra, Ghana
7-11 January, 2002

Accra Declaration and "Best Practices" for Book Donations

During the final session of the conference, Sabre's African partners resolved to draft two working documents. The Accra Declaration (currently available in draft form) outlines the lack of availability of affordable, high-quality educational materials in Africa and proposes a series of practical measures which Sabre and its African partners can adopt in helping to ameliorate this situation.

As a natural follow-on from the Accra Declaration, the Best Practices memorandum (available soon) provides a set of guidelines aimed at helping US and other western book donors to operate well thought out, appropriate and demand-driven programs. The poor quality of materials received through ill-conceived book donation efforts was one of the main talking points of the Accra meeting.